Grave of the Fireflies – Join Us!

poster-15810Join us for Grave of the Fireflies as part of the Three Rivers Film Festival

Regent Square Theater: Saturday, Nov. 9, 2:30pm, and Tuesday, Nov. 12, 8:00pm.

This is an extraordinary anime film from 1988 that tells the story of a teenage boy, Seita, and his very young sister, Setsuko. The pair survive the horrific firebombing of Kobe by American forces near the end of World War II, only to be doomed by the circumstances of the aftermath.  It is based upon a semi-autobiographical novel.  Roger Ebert stated, “Their story is told not as melodrama, but simply, directly, in the neorealist tradition.”  The film is unrelenting in its portrayal of the full range of human responses to horror and want and in its tragic outcome, but it has interludes of great peace and happiness.  It is also visually stunning.  The animation director was the lead animator on Princess Mononoke, and he worked on other Miyazaki films as well.  Grave of the Fireflies is a remarkable accomplishment.

Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace thanks Pittsburgh Filmmakers for the opportunity to co-sponsor this film for the Three Rivers Film Festival.


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