August Recap

Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace organized two key events in August that commemorated the 68th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Here’s our August Recap.

ProcPicOn August 5, Pittsburgh City Council approved a proclamation supporting the call for the total abolition of nuclear weapons by 2020. You can download the proclamation here. The statement read by Jo Schlesinger on behalf of Remembering Hiroshima, Imaging Peace begins:

“The only way to eliminate nuclear threat is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons as we work our way to zero.  This includes the dangers of all stages in the nuclear chain – from mining to power production to testing and storage of waste, up to and including the manufacture of nuclear weapons.  All of these expose surrounding populations to risk.” Read our entire statement here.


On the evening of August 5 at the Friends Meeting House, Joyce Wagner spoke on the dangers of both nuclear weapons and nuclear energy in light of the proposed repeal of Article 9 of Japan’s peace constitution and the on-going consequences of the meltdown at the Fukushima Daichi plant.  Joyce is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War in Pittsburgh and is an artist. She had just returned from the National Assembly for Peace and Democracy in Japan and shared with us what she had learned there. Following her presentation, we had a lively, though technically challenged, exchange with peace activists in Kobe, Japan. One provocative question asked by a student in Japan was ‘how can we teach history to convey something as horrific as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?’ Our exchange continued on our Facebook page–turn there for some of the responses! Many thanks to Joyce for sharing her insights with us and for participants in Pittsburgh and Japan for an engaging discussion.

Due to the technical difficulties of the evening, which were brilliantly overcome (though we had no visuals), Pittsburgh poet, Jonathan Robison, was not able to read his poem for our event. You can download and enjoy his moving reverie here.

More events are planned for the Fall, including an artist talk and one or two films, so check back with us and click “Follow” to stay current on our latest news and events!

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