2012 Program: A Week of Remembrance

A GREAT 2012 Commemoration–Bravo!

Our 2012 Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace series of events (see below) was a resounding success! We have over 50 photos in our Hiroshima2012Slideshow of shadow drawings around Pittsburgh and in Kobe, Japan; crane-making at the Children’s Museum; and skyping with friends in Japan at Filmmakers’ Melwood Screening Room after seeing Nuclear Savage on August 5. Our event at the Shadow Lounge was packed with performers and was well attended (we will continue to add photos to our slideshow).

Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace gratefully thanks…

  • Thomas Merton Center for their many contributions of space, publicity, staff and funding for this year’s events. Special thanks goes to Jibran Mushtaq for his excellent slideshow at the Shadow Lounge.
  • Calliope Singer Songwriter Circle: musicians Heather Cunningham, Nick Coles, Bruce Foley, Les Getchel, Steve Gallo, David Michael King, and Mike Strasser.
  • Poets/writers Liane Norman, Nancy James, Emily and Sten Carlson, Josh Zelenick, and Robin Clarke for sharing their work and to the members of the Merton Study Reading Group reading Merton’s “Original Child.”
  • Christopher Rosselot, on Senator Casey‘s staff, for joining us and filling us in on the Senator’s work on nuclear weapons, energy, and regional nuclear waste concerns.
  • All the individuals, organizations, and venues who attended, participated,  presented and/or provided space or services during the week!


A Recap of Our 2012 Events

Please join Remembering Hiroshima Imagining Peace to commemorate the 67th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the following events.

Tuesday, July 31, 10:00 am
Pittsburgh City Council Proclamation

Location: Council Chambers, 414 Grant St. Room 510, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

This Pittsburgh City Council Proclamation recognizes the important work of Remembering Hiroshima Imagining Peace and our advocacy “…for the need of a reduction of stockpiles and safer handling procedures worldwide as steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons.” Sponsored By: Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle. Co-sponsored by Council Members Darlene M. Harris, Rev. Ricky V. Burgess,  Patrick Dowd, Bruce A. Kraus, Theresa Kail-Smith, William Peduto, Natalia Rudiak, and Corey O’Connor.

Sunday & Monday, August 5-6: Shadow Project
Locations: The Children’s Museum, Melwood Screening Room, The Union Project, and CMU! See our Shadow Project page for details (link above).

The Shadow Project will bring people together to replicate the haunting aftermath of a nuclear explosion by outlining our bodies in chalk on sidewalks throughout Pittsburgh. We invite you to participate in The Shadow Project by joining one of our shadow-making events or teaming up with your family and friends to outline your bodies in chalk on your neighborhood sidewalks, then email a photo of your outlines to our gmail account to be exhibited on this site and shown at the Shadow Lounge on Monday, August 6 (see below). Please go to The Shadow Project  page (link in menu bar above) for shadow-making locations and complete details.

Sunday, August 5, 6:00 pm, Film: Nuclear Savage, preceded by shadow-making and followed by live exchange via skype with peace activists from Kobe, Japan.
Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Melwood Screening Room, 477 Melwood Ave, 15213. Tickets $8, $7 for seniors and students.

“Nuclear Savage opens up one of the hidden horrors of American history—analogous to our history of slavery, lynching and Jim Crow—but perpetrated on the far side of the world, with nuclear weapons.” (The Huffington Post) Immediately following the film screening, film patrons will be able to skype with peace activists from Kobe, Japan. At 5:30pm, before the film, we will draw shadows on the sidewalks in front of Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Please join us!

Monday, August 6, 7:00-9:00 pm
Shadows of War: Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace
, an evening of music, spoken word and images from Pittsburgh and Hiroshima.
Location: Shadow Lounge, 126 S. Highland Ave, Pittsburgh 15206

Starting with shadow-making on the sidewalk at 6:30pm, the program includes speakers, musicians, and spoken word artists.  Music will be performed by members of the Calliope Singer-Songwriter’s Circle. Chris Rosselot, Senator Casey’s Field Representative, will speak briefly about nuclear weapons and nuclear power concerns (Senator Casey sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee). Dan Wood will also participate on behalf of Pittsburgh City Council Member Daniel Lavelle, who presented the Proclamation issued by Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday (see above). Photos of our shadow-drawing events around Pittsburgh and poster images from Hiroshima will provide visuals for the evening. No host bar and light fare available from the Shadow Lounge. We have a great line-up for you! Free and open to the public.

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