Shibori Peace Quilt Update!

ShiboriInstallationThe unveiling of the Shibori Peace Quilts at the Children’s Museum went far beyond what we had imagined! There are three quilts, expertly and beautifully pieced together by the Makeshop staff at the museum. Along with the quilts, the staff set up a stunning and informative display, and a healthy spread of food. We were joined by friends of RHIP, museum staff, visiting Professor Ronni Alexander who directs the ShiboriInstall2Popoki Peace Project in Kobe, Japan, and Dr. Joseph Gerson, American Friends Service Committee Disarmament Coordinator. If you would like to see the Peace Quilts, you do not need to pay museum admission (if you are only there to see the quilts). Just go to the museum entrance desk and tell them you are there to see the quilts!

ShiboriDetailNext for the quilts: One will remain at the museum, one will reside in New York , and one will be given to a women’s organization in Japan. The NYC and Japan quilts will be handed off during the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, convening in New York in April. If you are interested in joining us at the Treaty Review Conference, please drop us an email at nonukes [at]

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